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I am a digital creative expert based out of San Francisco with 10+ years experience.

My professional skillsets include Motion Graphics, 3d-Animation, Video Production, and cutting edge virtual reality development.

I also have solid film directing experience with a particular emphasis on green-screen work, compositing, and motion tracking and virtual set placement..

I consider myself to be an extremely versatile and passionate creative with a wide variety of routes available to match up with every unique task.

Total and complete client satisfaction is always of utter importance to me, and I am extremely passionate about the work and the people I involve myself with.

Whether it's working on an animation for Electonic Arts, a short for Sesame Street, a pharmaceutical medical presentation for Amgen, or a motion caputure project with Red Bull, I love nothing more than working with creative and passionate teams on groundbreaking work that inspires.



Matthew Whitman
440 Davis Court #1704
San Francisco


The following slides represent a cross-section of the work I have done over the last 11 years as an interactive professional.

If you have any questions please contact me via email at:

Red Bull: Project X
Level 3: Corporate Offices
Amgen: Chronic Kidney Disease
Neurofocus: nMatrix Shopping
Electronic Arts: Microsite
Genentech: Avastin Trailer
Novartis: Reclast Sales Education
Hershey's: Microsite
Fuel Good: Sweepstakes Entry Site
Sony: Branding
Thud Rumble: Wave Twisters
Dr. Octagon: Dreamworks Music Video
Sesame Street: Triangles Broadcast

FOX: Vanpires Television Series
Sesame Street: Brain Broadcast
Overture Films: Microsite
Moxie Pictures/IFCFilms: Game On
Novartis: Reclast eVisaid
Lyric Hearing: Product Video
Novartis: eVisaid
Tiplok: Vaccine Delivery Systems
Novartis: Reimbursement Map
American President Lines: Demo
Namco: Tekken II CG
3VR: Product Education
Academy of Art / AISF : Teaching

Project X: Lolo Jones Olympic Training
Agency: Red Bull Media House
Role: Art Director / Animation / Motion Capture
Technologies : Motion Builder / 3dMax / Maya

This was a project taken on by Redbull to provide specialized olympic training to American Hurdler, Lolo Jones. I was responsible for translating olympic training data into high-end 3d visualization.


Level 3 Global Network Coverage
Agency: Level 3
Role: Animation / Motion Graphics

For Level-3 I created a 10 minute animated prototype using a google-earth camera-matching technology to showcase their global network coverage.


AMGEN Interactive Educational Package on CKD-BMD
Agency: Viscera
Role: Flash Animator / As2 Programmer

Viscera asked me to animate and program an interactive Flash presentation on chronic kidney disease and bone mineral disorder. The presentation was produced with 3D-animation, green screened video of key opinion leaders, heavy flash motion graphics and custom video players.


N-Matrix Neuroscientific Shopping
Agency: Neurofocus
Role: Primary Technology Developer.

I was asked by Neurofocus to develop a core virtual-realty simulator for shopping environments. Neurofocus is the worlds leading Neuro-Marketing firm and this service was offered to their premium Fortune-50 clients as part of the NeuroLab offerings. This component was a core part of their aquisition by Nielsen in 2012.


Warhammer Online
Agency: Freestyle Interactive
Role: Flash Animator / Designer / AS3 Programmer
Technologies : Flash

This was an interactive flash-promotion for the Electronic Arts game, Warhammer Online. Freestyle Interactive contacted me to create and animate the spot to introduce users to the various character classes. The piece relyed heavily on the animaton of Warhammer production assets.


Genentech CG Trailer for Cancer Fighting Avastin.
Agency: Eveo
Role: 3d-Animator

Eveo asked me to animate a CG trailer for the cancer drug avastin and it's interactive media center. This was played at conferences worldwide. I was one of two animators that worked on this piece.


Novartis Reclast Simulated Selling Environment
Agency: EVEO
Role: Flash Programmer / Animator

EVEO contacted me to create a Flash interactive selling environment for the pharmacutical company Novartis, for their new osteoporosis management drug, RECLAST. The Flash piece integrated 3D, green screened video, along with heavy Flash motion graphics.


Hershey's Shake It Sweepstakes
Agency: N-Gen Studios
Role: Art Director / Flash Animator / Technical Director

I was asked by N-Gen Studios to produce an interactive Flash sweepstakes entry site for Hershey's. All 500,000+ entries were recorded via AS2 calling PHP which were stored in a mySQL database.


Kum & Go Fuel Good Sweepstakes
Agency: N-Gen Studios
Role: Art Director / Flash Animator / AS2 Programmer

I was asked by N-Gen Studios to design an interactive sweepstakes entry site for Kum & Go. All 500,000+ entries were recorded via AS2, PHP, and mySQL.


Playstation E3 Presenc'e
Agency: Viewstream / Richenbach Associates.
Role: Director

I was asked by Viewstream and Richenbach Associates to come up with a branding strategy for the launch of the Playstation II. Apparently Ken Kutaragi, CEO at Sony Computer Interactive, had fired his entire branding team two months before E3 and there was a crucial void to be filled. Through a variety of pitches and proposals I became the lead in brand strategy design for their E3 presence and their flagship store at the Sony Metreon. One of my more successful pitches was embracing the shapes on the button as sacred geometry and to focus on evolving the brand around the religious significance of the primary shapes.


D.J. Qbert's WaveTwisters
Director: Syd Garon
Role: Animator / 3D Director

I was asked to animate with a team of four, on 77 minute feature-length film Wave-Twisters. I also worked as a 3D-director. This project won awards at Sundance and was eventually purchased by Palm Pictures.


Dr. Octagon Music Video: Blue Flowers
Agency: Dreamworks SKG
Role: Video Artist

I worked as a video-artist on the Dreamworks Music Video for Blue Flowers.


Sesame Street Broadcast Piece: Triangles
Agency: Sesame Street Workshop
Role: Co-Director / Lead Motion Graphics Animator

Partnered with my Co-Director Matt Goldman of AKJAK Films, we produced an animated 'film-noir' short on Triangles for Sesame Street on PBS.


Fox Vanpires Television Series
Agency: Lumens Studios
Role: 3d-Animator

I worked as a 3d-Studio Max character-animator on the television series, Vanpires. Our team of six animated 24 minutes of CG every two weeks .


Sesame Street Broadcast Piece: Brain
Agency: Sesame Street Workshop
Role: Co-Director / Lead Motion Graphics Animator

Partnered with my Co-Director Matt Goldman of AKJAK Films, we produced a short based in North Beach, San Francisco on Triangles for Sesame Street PBS.


Last Chance Harvey
Agency: Jetset Studios
Role: Flash Animator / Designer / AS2 Programmer

Jetset studios contacted me to create an interactive Flash piece for Overture Film's, Last Chance Harvey. The site included widgets, interactive quizzes, screensavers, and video served by a custom BrightCove player.


Game On Feature Film
Agency: Moxie Pictures/IFCFilms
Role: Co-Director / Producer

In 2006, partnered with Matt Goldman, my co-director.   We filmed a feature length movie based around the existence of an underground seduction community. We recieved funding from Moxie Pictures and IFC Films. The movie was eventually the catalyst for the hit VH1 television show, "The Pickup Artist" starring Mystery- Erik Von Markovick.


Novartis Reclast Osteoperosis Discussion Roundtable
Agency: EVEO
Role: Film Director / Flash Programmer / Animator

Eveo asked me to create a Flash interactive presentation on osteoporosis. I directed and produced 8 different HD shoots as of key opinion leaders and was a technical director on the green screen compositing. I was also responsible for the final Flash integration.


Lyric Hearing Hearing Aid Promotional Video
Agency: ODA
Role: Director / Animator

ODA asked me to Direct a video on Lyric Hearing, an innovative Hearing Aid solution. I was also responsible for integration of animation into After Effects, and associated keying work.


Interactive Flash eVisaid for Reclast
Agency: Eveo
Role: Flash Designer / As2 Programmer

Eveo asked me to create an interactive education tool for Relcast, an osteoporosis management drug from Novartis.


Tiplok Interactive Sales Aid
Agency: EVEO
Role: Flash Animator / AS2 Programmer

Eveo asked me to create an interactive sales aid for Tiplok, a vaccine delivery systems solution. The presentation relied heavily on 3D animations of the syringe delivery system product and green screened video.


Flash Interactive Reimbursement Map for Reclast
Agency: EVEO
Role: Designer / Flash Animator / AS3 Programmer

Eveo asked me to create a Flash interactive reimbursement map for Novartis. The drug was Reclast, an osteoporosis treatment option.


American President Lines Product Demo
Agency: Mueller Design
Role: Flash Animator / Progammer

I created a product demo for American President Line's "SEECHANGE" through Mueller Design.


Tekken II Intro Animation
Role: 3D Animator

I worked as a 3D-animator on Tekken II for the Playstation, one of the best-selling video games of all time. The work was performed through XAOS Animation and NAMCO.


3VR Flash Product Demo
Agency: Screamstream Interactive
Role: Flash Animator

I created an interactive demo for 3VR through Screamstream Interactive. 3VR Security is based around massive face-recognition software.


Teaching at the Academy of Art and Art Institutes.
Courses: Flash, 3D-Animation, 3D-Studio Max Graduate
Role: Instructor

To balance out all the production work I taught several classes at the Academy of Art and Art Institutes International. The classes were in the area of 3D-Studio Max, Character Animation, Flash, and Game Design.


Electronic Arts
Freestyle Interactive
Goldberg Moser O'neill
IFC Films
Jetset Studios
Moxie Pixtures
N-Gen Studios
Ryan I-Direct
Sesame Street Workshop
Sony Computer Entertainment

1015 Folsom
Academy of Art
American President Lines
Art Institutes
Boeing (Dreamliner)
Dan the Automator
Digital Chocolate (Trip Hawkins)
Dimension 7
DJ Qbert
Dreamworks SKG
Dr. Octagon
Electronic Arts
Entertainment Tonight

Hype Williams
Moxie Pictures
Murder INC
Overture Films
Pearl Jam
Sean Combs - P.Diddy
Sesame Street
Sony Computer Entertaiment
Switch Snowboards
Thud Rumble
Turntable Media
United Nations FAO Division
Verizon Wireless


1996-Present: Freelance Art Director / Production Animator / Principal StudioBee
In the past I worked with the creative teams at Electronic Arts, Eveo, Freestyle Interactive, Goldberg Moser Oneill, IFC Films, Jetset Studios, Moxie Pictures, N-Gen Studios, Ryan I-Direct, Sesame Street Workshop, Sony Computer Entertainment, Viewstream, and Viscera..


2009-2012: Neurofocus - Freelance Motion Graphic Artist / Virual Reality Developer
From 2009-2012 I was responsible for creating Neurofocus's Flagship nMatrix Virtual Shopping Enviroment. To put simply, it became the holodeck for Fortune-50 companies interested in the latest in neuromarketing simulation. Neurofocus was aquired by Neilsen in 2012 with the nMatix project considered to be the shining jewel asset behind the company.

2008-2009: Viscera - Freelance Motion Graphic Artist / Flash Programmer
Designed and animated high-end interactive medical apps and presentations for pharmacutical industry clients.

2007-2008: Eveo - Freelance Director / Flash Producer / CG-Artist
Designed and animated high-end interactive medical apps and presentations for the pharmacutical industry. I also directed several worldwide video shoots with Key Opinion Leaders of industry.

2005-2008: Moxie Pictures - Director / Producer
For Moxie Pictures I worked on the Documentary, Game On. The propertywas later turned into a popular series on VH1 called, "The Pick-Up Artist".

2004-2005: Sesame Street Workshop
I directed and produced broadcast videos for Sesame Street Workshop / PBS in New York. The most notable pieces were "Triangles", an animated 'film-noir learning ' experience, and "'Inside the Brain"', an educational adventure through North Beach.

1996-2007: Viewstream - Art Director / Motion Graphics Artist / Flash Artist
I worked in Art-Direction and Production on a variety of high-profile clients which have included, Intuit, Dreamworks SKG, Beastie Boys, Dr. Octagon, Sun Microsystems, and AutoDesk.

2003-2007: Academy of Art / Art Institutes- Autodesk Instructor
I taught highly rated undergraduate/graduate level courses in 3D-Studio MAX, Flash, and Motion Graphics. I also designed three on-line courses in Autodesk's 3D-Studio Max which are still in use at the Academy.

References can be made available upon request.